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23 High Street, Upton Upon Severn WR8 0HJ

Tel: 01684 591355


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Food & Drink
Cleaning Products
Toys & Games
Gardening Items
DIY Supplies
Pet food & toys
Kitchen utensils
Baby products
Greeting cards
Sweets and treats
Frozen foods

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Our Stores

Cleaning Products

pet food

We strive to bring you quality goods at a great price all served with a smile.
Whether you are looking for groceries, toileteries or garden supplies. We offer a one stop shop with a friendly customer service.

Example stock...
Household Goods – Cleaning products, mouthwash, toothbrushes, gardening items

Toys – beach toys, childrens toys, balls, board games, card games

Pets – pet food, dog toys, cat treats

Food and Drink – fizzy drinks, tinned food, pasta, cereal,

Fashion – flip flops, boots, fleeces, coats, jewellery,

Beauty – make up, cleansing lotions, moisturiser, perfume

Stationery - Upton upon Severn Only
Fridge & Freezer Goods - Malvern Only


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